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Reflective Solutions is dedicated to providing software and services that allow our clients to protect and increase their brand and revenue. We enable this by ensuring our clients’ clients never experience performance problems or outages with the system our clients provide.

Our enterprise-level performance testing tool – StressTester – is recognised by industry analysts, testing consultancies and end users as being the easiest to use and most fairly licensed available – allowing adopters to get up to speed very quickly and deliver real ROI in a matter of days.

Our packaged services – providing known outcomes for our clients in fixed timescales and with fixed costs – deliver real business benefit in typically just one or two weeks.




SecurEyes understands that each IT environment is different and hence the security requirements are specific to the environment. Though organizations, as a practice or due to compliance requirements, will need to engage in performing penetration testing, vulnerability assessments or GRC review services, there are specific requirements which are generated time to time which require specialized consulting services.

Apart from our standard services we offer on-demand security solutions through our expert panel of highly skilled consultants that helps the organization in providing that extra layer of security with the aim of helping the business become secure by design. The following are some of the examples of our on-demand security solutions that we have provided to our customers:

  • Secure Architecture design services for new IT implementation initiatives
  • Incident handling and damage control services for hacked networks, systems and applications for Govt. organizations, banks, multinational broking firms, etc
  • Providing security evaluation services for standard and non-standard security products
  • Development of specific security tools custom built and branded for organizations
  • Providing specialized application architecture design consulting services for new application development, application enhancements, interfacing with new environments, etc
  • Development and delivery of custom training content as per internal environment/framework of the organization
  • Development of benchmarks for performing specific process review internally within the organizations
  • End to end consultation on advanced security practices and deployments such as Data Leak prevention and Single Sign On
  • Planning and execution of Information Security Awareness Programs for desired audience of large organizations